Day 60 of 365. Sneaky burnout. Reassessment.

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Bullet points update! Because why not.

  • I jumped on the idea of pushing hard too soon.
  • Lockdowns really did a number on me. Cyprus handles it exceptionally heavy-handed.
  • Was directing more energy into my health, diet, psychological state.
  • Pushed some coding things forward, but mostly less important stuff like tooling, monorepo setup. Decided not to force and stress myself further.
  • Tried Nx and NestJS, built a basic API with it but ended up setting up my own, yarn workspaces-based, easier to maintain monorepo and server. I would definitely choose Nx and Nest for a funded project with multiple developers to have a universal structure. But when I work alone, it annoys and slows me down.
  • Trading has been very well, stable, learning more about hedging my equity trades with options.
  • I'm not sure when I will be able to get back to the active development of my business, and I made peace with that. It feels good to rest and unwind, even if it takes longer than I anticipated. Considering starting with a trading bot before SaaS.

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