Day 1 of 365. What is this about?

Day 1 of 365. What is this about?

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👋🏻 Hey! Today is the day when I start my shift from being a developer (for about 20 years for now) to being an entrepreneur.

📅 I'm giving myself exactly 1 year or 365 days to start making at least $5000/month on average or having a strong reason to believe I'm on the path to that and more. If I fail - I will join the workforce again, which is fine, but not the thing that makes me happiest.

📝 On this path ahead of me, I want to post to this blog regularly, to hold myself accountable (daily standup-ish like?) and provide some useful insight, inspiration, and information for the people who read it. Let's see how it goes!

So, here are some details on what are my current situation and my plans.


  • I know how to write almost anything with TypeScript and I have about 10 years of c# development in past. Have some technical management experience too.
  • I have a comfortable rainy-day fund that will last me more than a year, although thoughts about employment income that I will be missing next year make me not so comfortable.
  • I taught myself how to safely trade the stock market in the last 2 years, have been actually quite profitable and consistent for the last year, but I don't count on it continuing to be amazing all the time. First of all, full-time trading is hard and not exactly what I would like to do, second - there is risk attached to it and while I learned how not to blow up my account, I still can't be sure I can always make living trading stocks. One project that is attached to trading though is algo-trading, and I will be exploring that for sure.

This year I want to

  • Be fast, lean, and bootstrapped.

  • Open my ideas list and build a bunch of SAAS services and tools under my new brand "Soulful Robot", see what works and focus my efforts on that.

  • Collaborate with other people on shared projects/startups.

  • Release at least one game for mobile platforms and see if I like it or if I can make any income with game development. This will probably be hard because I'm not fond of the modern "slot-machine" game development style.

  • Learn and use TensorFlow in at least one project.

  • Learn how to make music, I have some experience playing instruments and working with DAWs, but most are forgotten or never properly learned. This is more of a hobby goal, but it has the potential to be commercial, you never fully know what to expect from yourself 😊

  • Give back, meet new people, share my knowledge, become a part of a bigger professional community than working for small to medium companies usually lets you.

  • Get fit!

Alright, this turned out much longer than I anticipated, see you next time! Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or be critical, I'd love to talk.

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